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Onboard your cloud project and track your service utilization

Billing Analytics for Cloud-based SaaS Enterprises

Connect the dots with CloudNous

  • How much do different customers and services contribute to the cloud costs of a SaaS enterprise?

  • Whose traffic is hitting a VM and why?

  • Why did a new service release or update blow up the cloud bill?

With CloudNous SaaS enterprises can connect customer traffic with cloud costs, understand the profitability of different customers and services, and finally make sense of their cloud bill.

Connect your SaaS business to CloudNous today! It only takes a few clicks.   

Our Innovative Technology

Seamless on-boarding meets insightful analytics and powerful customization

CloudNous brings SaaS monitoring and optimisation to the next level through innovative solutions and cutting edge technology for:

  • automating data ingestion

  • connecting customer traffic with cloud infrastructure costs

  • customising the technology to meet each operator's own architecture and requirements  


Intelligence, Simplicity, Clarity 

How does it work?

It seems impossible but in just three simple steps CloudNous can ingest data and adapt to the intricacies of even the most complex cloud-based SaaS architecture. Here's how:

How does it work

Provide the authentication token

1. Connect your Cloud

Whether you are using Google's StackDriver or Amazon's CloudWatch, our easy to use wizard will support you in providing the right authentication token so that we can connect to your cloud provider and ingest your usage statistics in real time.

Data Cloud

Use our Javascript snippet

2. Connect your end users

Copy and paste CloudNous' tracking snippet to each one of the web-pages that give access to your SaaS services. This way CloudNous can count in real time the number of active users from each one of your customers at each one of your services.

People Clapping

Use our advanced tagging features

3. Tell us about your architecture

CloudNous uses a state-of-the-art tagging system that allows operators to easily and quickly define arbitrary groups of customers, services, and resources. Map Customer and Service groups to Resource groups to model your internal architecture or let CloudNous infer it.

Building Plan

CloudNous Competitive Advantage

More insights, less administration

​Competing systems allow a SaaS operator to split its cloud bill among different internal divisions and business units. They don't, however, provide any insights on how this bill came to being. This is a consequence of the fact that they totally lack information about the end user traffic that hits the service.      

CloudNous is the only cloud optimisation system that, in addition to cloud-level information, also knows about end user traffic. By connecting application-level with cloud-level traffic, CloudNous can tell a SaaS operator how much each one of its customers and services contributes to its total cloud bill.

Competitve advantage

What can you do with CloudNous?

What can you do

Have a bird's eye view of costs

Spot your cloud-cost heavy-hitters

Voila! For the first time available for your consideration a breakdown of your cloud bill. A complete picture of which customers and services are responsible for the VM, storage, bandwidth, or any other billable resource that your cloud provider charges you for. See actual dollar values with or without discounts.

Camera Close Up

Zoom in to individual cloud resources

"Cost debug" your VMs and other cloud resources

At the opposite side of knowing the total cost of a customer or service you may also want to understand usage and costs of a particular resource. Drill all the way down to a single billable resource to see its workload and a breakdown of its cost among customers and services.

Mix and Match based on your business

Perform specialized analysis for your own architecture

Not all SaaS architectures are the same. In some systems all VMs can serve all customer requests. In others, different services run on different VMs. Some architectures are monolithic, others follow a Service oriented Architecture (SoA) based on micro services. CloudNous can be completely agnostic about your architecture or can take high level hints by an operator to further refine its cost breakdown.

Colorful Facade

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